Thank you!! Our 1st Chair Target Reached!   椅子のご支援ありがとうございました!

Thank you so much to everyone who donated chairs for the HOME- FOR- ALL project in Kumamoto. They arrived safely and already in use. There was nice article in the city newspaper The Kumanichi Shinbun. It is now confirmed that 70 HOME-FOR-ALL will be built, scattered amongst 3,500 temporary homes. It is wonderful to be building on all our experiences in Tohoku to help in Kumamoto.


(熊本日日新聞 7月27日付)

There will be need for more furniture as the homes get built. Please drop by the web site to see progress and check for further appeals - we would like to ask for more now but we have no were to store chairs and furniture until the home are built - so we have to ask on a 'as needed basis'. Many thanks again.